Introducing: Bright

March 14, 2017

I'm thrilled to introduce Bright, the actionable analytics tool for subscription businesses.

If you're running a subscription business, you're making strategic decisions all day — consciously or otherwise. The BI tools out there do a great job of showing you your important metrics, but they don't tell you why your metrics are what they are, why they're going up or down, fast or slow, and they certainly don't tell you how you can improve those metrics.

Bright does.

MRR, ARPA, LTV, churn are just aggregates and averages of metrics and indicators across your customer base. When your ARPA is up $5, it's not because every one of your customers is paying $5 more per month: it's some subset of customers whose behavior has changed. Some customers are paying more, some are probably paying the same, and some are probably paying less. To understand why ARPA is moving, you need to understand who is moving it. Are your consumer customers paying more? Are your enterprise customers paying more? Is it a single customer who's paying a lot more?

Bright helps you easily uncover that information so you can understand why your important metrics are (or are not) moving, and what the risks and opportunities are for your business.

I could prattle on, but would rather see you create a Bright account to see how we can help and give us your feedback. Our mission is to help people build better businesses. We're excited to dig in.